Tips to Make the Most of Your Rowing Machine Workout
Posted by staminabodytrac, 01/10/2018 5:51 am

With the new year comes many resolutions. More than a quarter of individuals make a resolution every year to eat better and/or get into shape. Doing so takes time, however, and many people give up because they aren't seeing the progress they expected. In order to get the most from a workout, whether one is using free weights or a rowing machine, a person needs to ensure they know how to use the equipment and what exercises will work the largest group of muscles with the least effort. This is one reason people turn to a rowing machine, as it does provide a good cardio workout. Nevertheless, a person must know how to use a rowing machine to see the desired results.


Make sure you wear form fitting clothes when using the stamina body trac glider 1050 rowing machine or any machine of this type. This helps to ensure the clothing does not get caught in the machine during the workout, leading to an injury. An injury can set a person back before they fully get started with their workout routine, and this can lead to the individual giving up on his or her goal.

Stroke Rate

People often start out with a strong rate and lose power as the workout progresses. It is best to start slower and maintain a consistent rate from start to finish. To determine the appropriate stroke rate, set the machine to watts and monitor this setting throughout the session. Try to maintain the same rate for the best workout.

Make Full Use of the Legs

Don't neglect the legs during a rowing workout. When the legs are fully extended, a person gets more power with each stroke. The back must also be involved when using this machine, but don't rely on it fully. Ensure the legs reach their full extension to see results in a shorter period of time. In fact, the legs should do three quarters of the work, and the rest of the body handles the other 25 percent.

Set the Damper Low at the Beginning

Think of the damper on the stamina body trac glider like the gears on a bike. Set the damper low when first starting out, so you don't tire out early in your workout. As stamina builds, the setting on the damper can be increased. In addition, when the damper is set between three and five, an individual will get a workout that is similar to one they would get on the water. This allows them to take their rowing skill out of the gym with ease.

Use the following tips the next time you take advantage of a stamina body trac glider 1050. When you do so, you'll find you get more from your workout in less time. Who doesn't like that?

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